TLS Energy Group

The TLS Energy Group comprises three separate renewable energy companies whose operations are nonetheless inextricably linked. Together we have the entire energy supply chain covered, from production of renewable energy through to delivery to the end user, supporting each other at every stage with expertise, resources and services. Each of the three companies addresses the needs of a different clientele, requiring a very specific operational and business model, which is why we have always kept them as separate legal entities.

Together the three companies allow us to fulfil our company objectives, namely:

To support, advise and be the champion of British independent renewables generators (Tradelink Solutions)

To actively seek out, fund and build new renewables projects (TLS Hydro)

To supply renewable energy at an affordable price to small business and domestic customers (LoCO2 Energy)

We have maintained our reputation for being a fair, ethical and environmentally-conscious set of companies...

Our Mission & Values

We have always been driven by the belief that consumers and suppliers deserve better from the energy markets, and have set out to demystify the legislation, terminology and complex products that are part and parcel of the industry. In our role as advisor to small generators or start-ups, we offer technical support and expertise at every stage of the project build, and help them take advantage of any renewables subsidies that are available. When launching our supply business, LoCO2 Energy, our view was, and still is, that domestic energy users should be able access energy that is low carbon yet affordable, coupled with high standards of customer care.

We have maintained this ethos in all that we do and have stuck to our motto of “sustainable energy at sensible prices”.

We believe in steady, controlled and organic growth achieved without taking undue risk. This made us a profitable business from early on in our life.

Our people share our values and work hard to deliver the quality service, the competitive prices and the green energy we produce and source. They are passionate about renewable energy and the positive impact it can have on the environment.

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